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Yoga Write for Us

Yoga Write for Us

Yoga Write for Us – Yoga is a millenary discipline whose origins date back to the Indian philosophy of the Vedas, among the oldest literary works in the history of the world. Veda is a Sanskrit word that indicates wisdom, in the double concept of sacred knowledge and practical knowledge, the two inseparable things in Indian thought: if I do, I understand; if I have experience, I know; the deep understanding of the world passes through the radical awareness of my mind and my body which interconnect and, therefore, influence each other.

What is Yoga All About?

Yoga is an ancient oriental discipline that incorporates physical and spiritual aspects and aims to unite the body, mind, and spirit to provide physical and psychological benefits. Translated, the term Yoga means ” to unite,” and it is precise to those meditative techniques that have the ultimate goal of “union” with the ultimate reality and are aimed at “yoking,” “controlling,” and “governing” the senses that this term reports.

Using Yoga in Therapy

Although its original purpose is not the improvement of health but spiritual realization, the physical well-being that derives from Yoga is not secondary, to the point that its therapeutic value is now recognize and attest. Everyone can practice yoga without difficulty: an essential element in Yoga is precisely the effectiveness of the detail visualization of the positions that the body cannot perform.

Origins and Development of Yoga

It is interesting to know that Yoga was not born as a discipline that heals the body and relaxes the mind: its original purpose was the achievement of the transformation of consciousness up to the culmination of gnosis. A doubly oriented process, therefore, to ensure that exteriority and interiority harmonize until finding the exit from the perennial cycle of rebirths.

Ending the perpetual movement of the “wheel of becoming” that forces men, animals, plants, and even divinities inside the constant flow of lives due to the consequences of the actions committed, the bhava-chakra which will become the samsara of Buddhism.

Origins and Description of Yoga

Yoga traces its roots to India several millennia ago. Some excavations carried out by Sir John Hubert Marshall in the early 1900s in the Indus valley, around the cities of Harappa and Mohenjo-Daro, brought to light signs of a civilization dating back to the period between the fourth and second millennium BC and, thanks to the discovery of terracotta figurines and seals depicting individuals in yogic meditation positions.

How is Yoga Practiced?

Asana: These positions are foreseen by Yoga and focus specifically on flexibility, strength, and balance.
Pranayama: These breathing techniques improve lung health, reduce anxiety and stress, and increase vital energy.
Meditation: Meditation is a practice of mental concentration that aims to decrease tension and increase mental tranquility.
Relaxation: At the end of a Yoga session, a relaxation phase, called savasana, is often practice.

Why does Yoga Work?

Yoga works because, through the practice of the various techniques that make it up. It acts on the three hemispheres that make up our being: physical, mental, and energetic.


Physically, yoga aims to make the body agile, solid, and flexible. By practicing the positions in Sanskrit called asanas, you work on all body areas, thus promoting strengthening and greater flexibility of muscles, tendons, and ligaments.


In yoga, all attention is paid to listening to the body and the breath: during practice. If we concentrate and focus on the present moment without other mental distractions.


In addition to the physical body, i.e., the one made of natural matter, also defined as gross, yoga also recognizes the existence of a subtle body, i.e., a body made of energy, called the energy system.

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